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Why Veterans Excel in Security Positions

Edisson Quituisaca Sleepy Hollow

It is no secret that service in the military, no matter what the branch, prepares a person for several different areas of life at once. In addition to being a proud accomplishment, it can also prepare a veteran for a worthwhile career post-service.

Veterans not only can work in the civilian security sector, but they are uniquely equipped to excel in these careers – which is not limited to physical safety and security but also, cybersecurity as well. Edisson Quituisaca of Sleepy Hollow explains this is thanks to the skill sets afforded to them during their time in the military, both physically and mentally, as a matter of training in good character.

Military Skills that Translate Well into Civilian Positions

It would not be hard to create a list of the benefits earned by a service member across the board of various jobs and duties learned in military training and service. However, a business owner of a security department may not be aware of how these benefits can apply to the field.

Here’s a list of the top five skills that help veterans excel in personal, corporate and cybersecurity positions below.

  1. Fast Learning Capabilities
  2. Dependable Quality of Character
  3. Commitment to Position Regulations
  4. Natural Leadership Tendencies
  5. Wide Variety of Talents

Now let’s take a closer look at each of the skills listed above which would make a veteran invaluable to any of these positions.

Edisson Quituisaca Sleepy Hollow

Fast Learning Capabilities

A veteran is uniquely situated to learn on the job at a rapid pace which promotes a minimization of mistakes and a positive attitude on the job. When in the military, these men and women are uniquely situated in circumstances that require them to quickly adapt to changing problems and concepts.

This translates perfectly into the training process for positions like corporate, private or cybersecurity.

Dependable Quality of Character

There is nothing more beneficial to any kind of team than a member who can be relied upon. In the security sector, valuable assets and the success of the company relies upon whether the team member can show up on time, do what is asked, and serve customers well.

A veteran often displays the dependability learned in military services, based in honor and pride, to excel in this area of need. It will apply easily to the duties of a security guard, including tasks that require first response to emergencies.

Commitment to Position Regulations

Following the regulations and rules of the security position are, as mentioned above, vital to the survival of the company. If a security member does not follow the parameters of the position with the commitment and conviction of someone with integrity, not only can assets be lost, but the company’s dependability as a unit is in question.

Veterans minimize the risk of this happening because they are already trained to be disciplined in their time management. They are also finely tuned to not only complete any assigned task, but go above and beyond leadership expectations and look for ways to improve the entire team.

Natural Leadership Tendencies

Speaking of improvement, veterans are well-known for emerging from their experience in the armed forces with a natural tendency toward leadership. Security guards must have this trait if they are going to succeed in their field.

After all, in an emergency, clients often default to looking at the security guard present to handle the situation. For this to be dealt with appropriately, The security guard will need the leadership skills of an authoritative safety expert.

Wide Variety of Talents

Finally, veterans bring more than the above-mentioned qualities of character to the table when it comes to safety. They are trained to adapt to different needs and potentially dangerous situations.

They can switch from managing the technical aspects of an emergency to working efficiently and politely with people, even in a high-stress situation. This is an invaluable multitasking capability when it comes to the safety of a business, or person.

In Conclusion

There are a variety of reasons why veterans excel in civilian security positions. This is thanks to the skills learned in armed service, which include adapting well to the needs of an oftentimes high-stress security position. With the leadership skills to take charge of a crisis and the high level of character formed by serving with honor, veterans make top-of-the-line security workers.